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Nervous about a new baby on the way? Asking yourself, where can I find doulas near me?

Unsure of what's a doula or if you even need one? We are here to help you!

Let us help you find a doula, your perfect match! We can find the person who will make your big day not only memorable, but less stressful! Studies show that having a doula can lessen birth complications and even the possibility of a cesarean section.

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Welcome To Doula Spokane

Are you overwhelmed by your pregnancy and are hoping for a little guidance? A little bit more support, or knowledge? We are more than happy to help set you up with your own personal doula! Our company specializes in finding the perfect fit for each client when it comes to finding your Spokane doula. Doula Spokane has a range from birth doulas, to postpartum doulas, to prenatal! Whatever you are looking for, we are the perfect people to help you, at doula prices you can afford!

Doula Spokane’s mission is to help you find the best doula for your needs. We value that our clients not only feel supported by our doulas, but know that they are there for them in their very time of need. We want your experience with us to be filled with understanding and care, but at a price you can afford.

Why choose Doula Spokane WA?

We will help you create the most unique, memorable and safe pregnancy with our doula services. We want that special day to be the best day it can be. We strive to help mothers and fathers feel ready for birth, get through the intensity of labor, and find joy with their new baby, post birth. Let Spokane doula find a doula for you!

We are what you're looking for because:

  • Our doulas are trained to be the best in their field
  • Our doulas will provide all the reassurance and support you and your partner need
  • Our doulas can help lower birth risks
  • Our doulas will help provide great communication between you and your doctor
  • Our doulas will always be professional and at your side for whatever you choose
  • Doula Spokane know the in and outs of births and can explain all your options

We have been helping the community of parents for years and we constantly strive to be the best in our community and exceed the standard around us. We guarantee that with the help of one of our doulas, you will find yourself more prepared for your newborn! Call us today for a free estimate and with any questions you may have, we are always here to help.

What to expect from Doula Spokane WA

One of the reasons our clients are loyal to us is the care we provide them, and the genuine relationships our doulas form with our clients. Not only are they genuine but they are professional in all they do. Our doula are available for all and any questions during and after pregnancy. Our doula agency not only offers birth doula, and postpartum doula but also end of life doula. Our death doulas help those going through life to find comfort at the end of the journey and to relieve any pain that brings.

Our doula agency finds the best suiting doula not only for what you are going through but for you personally. We want you to feel comfortable with whoever you choose, and we can guarantee you will. Whatever direction your birth takes us, or whatever direction you decide to go, Doula Spokane Wa will be there to support you.

Give us a call today to hear more about how we can help you! Contact us today and we will be happy to work around your schedule to meet together and learn more. Once we find the perfect fit, we will schedule a time you can meet with your doula, and have the time to go over any goals or wishes you have for your pregnancy. We want to make sure we know exactly what your dream pregnancy is, and figure out together how to best get you there.

Our Services

Our company offers many options to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. There are many packages to give you even more options that you may not have even thought of! Our company will ensure that you get the best care and best choices.

spokane prenatal doula

Prenatal Doula

  • Our company offers sessions with your doula pre birth, to give you time to feel confident in your birth plan and with everyone on your team

  • Your doula is there to help you talk through all the aspects of labor, not only physically but emotionally and mentally

  • Your doula will help you learn techniques that will help relax and comfort you during labor, not only to you but your partner

  • Unlimited support to answer any questions from your doula by phone and email
spokane birth doula

Birth Doula

  • In person support at your location of labor and birth

  • Help you stick to your birth plan as best as you can

  • If needed, will help communicate throughout your whole team what you need

  • Will offer positions for comfort as well as breathing techniques

  • There to give your partner a break if needed

  • Able to provide massages, to get ice chips, cold or hot towels and any other measures to help you stay comfortable and ensure the husband stays close

  • Able to take pictures if expecting mother wants
spokane postpartum doula

Postpartum Doula

  • Our doulas help with feeding assistance and postnatal doula care with you newborn

  • Offer great advice for newborn care

  • Provide emotional support for a new mom

  • Available to help ease the transition of a newborn, and offer up their doula services such as meal prep or light cleaning

About Spokane Washington

Spokane, WA, a beautiful city surrounded by forests and lakes. One finds themselves outside often enjoying the many outdoor activities! A city populated with around 219,000 plus people, there is much to walk around and experience!

There are many things to see in Spokane such as the Northwest Museum of Art and Culture. Mining forestry and agriculture are big contributors to the economy as well as biotech and high tech sectors.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Spokane Valley
  • Coeur d’Alene, ID
  • Hayden
  • Cheney
  • Liberty Lake
  • Fairwood
  • Mead
  • Airway Heights


“Why should I hire a doula?”

Doulas are trained to be there with you every step. If you’re looking for support and help with the stress of a newborn and all that it entails, Spokane Doula is exactly what you’re looking for.

“What does a doula do?”

Doulas provide not only emotional and educational support throughout your pregnancy, but also physical support during labor! Hiring a doula provides you with someone who will be there the to give you one on one care and continuous support during labor

“How much does a doula cost?”

How much is a doula you ask? We offer various packages that usually start around 800-1000$ Give us a call today to talk through doula spokane cost and packages and we can work out what best fits your needs

“Can I still use pain medication?”

Yes, the choice to use pain medication is always up to you. The doula will be there whether you choose to use a medication or not and walk you through the steps of either decision. Whether that be explaining potential side effects or other options. Doulas are there to advise you and support you and advocate any decision you make!

“Doula vs. midwife?”

A doula provides no medical or nursing care to the mother. As she doesn’t have these responsibilities, or any other patients to attend to at the time, she gives her complete attention to being by the mother’s side for the entire length of her labor!

“Does a doula replace the father/spouse?”

No. A doula allows the husband to be there at the wife’s head comforting her the whole time while she runs to get more pillows, to massage her back or to help her get comfortable however she can.

“Can I contact her whenever I need?”

Yes. Your doula is there for every question and need. We offer packages as well that include time during the night and day to call her! After birth as well, you’ll find you have lots of questions, or just need an extra set of hands. Our doulas are prepared for that too

“Can I have a doula at the hospital with me?”

Yes. If your original plan is to have your birth at the hospital, or something changes last minute, your doula is there for whatever you need! She is there to help relax and reassure and can help facilitate communication with all your team! Having her there will ensure that the previous birth plan discussed can be followed as closely as possible.

"So thankful for doula services near me!! I’m amazed at how smooth my birth! My husband was able to be by my side the entire time which is something I really valued, and she took care of my every need! What an amazing experience for a great price! Just what I needed on such a crazy day. I really was able to find a doula near me that was exactly what I needed."

Sarah A

"My doula was there for me with everything I needed. My labor was an intense 18 hours but she went through it all with me, calming so many fears especially when my husband went to check on my other kids. I could tell what was going on was the most important thing to her in that moment which made me feel so important and supported. I even asked all the questions to ask a doula that you could think of, she was so helpful with all of them!"

Leslie S

"WOW. I cannot say enough on what a great service my doula provided for me. From back rubs to foot massages she was there for all the pain! I don’t think I could’ve done it without her! 10/10 would recommend getting a doula, they were definitely the best postpartum doula near me."

Dana W

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We love helping clients have the best birthing experience possible. Let us assist you with all your needs leading up to that special day, the day of, and after. Becoming a mom, or having yet another child can be a lot to handle and Doula Spokane wants to be there supporting you every step of the way. Let us be there for you in such a special time of your life! Contact us today so we can start talking about how we can start assisting you today!

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